Monday, March 14, 2011


It is well said that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth.It brings significant stability and substance to human relationships, which is otherwise incomplete.The key to successful marriage is love, understanding, mutual respect, trust, commitment and togetherness.

I had lot of expectation from my marriage and finally the day has come to make him true.Marriage is the relatioship of mutual understanding and I hope we will made this quote possible by our relationship and trust.

There are three common word Love, Trust and Peace are the foundation of any good relationship. These things can be achieved only by a good relationship and mutual understanding.


  1. Hamme kaise pata chalega bro hamari shadi kaha hui hai. Or ye shadi ka ladoo to abhi badi der me banega hamare liye ;)

  2. shadi ka ladoo tumhe kaise na kaise milega to jarur but uski mithas hamesha bani rahe uske liye kuch aur bhi jaruri baatein hai jinko janna shyad jaruri hai sabki liye.