Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Temple or Mosque

Finally the ayodhaya verdict came and decision went to everyone favour.I hope everyone is satisfied after the court verdict.The day when court verdict was about to come we left our office premises before one hour.This day I felt like after 63 years of independence we are still insecure in our own country.People were trying to reach their home safely before court verdict.Most of the people left their work in between of this.We reached safely to our home; switched on the TV to the news channel and waited till the final court verdict came.This time you might have noticed one thing about media they didn't made hype of ayodhaya case.They were calm and waiting for court verdict.This time people of india also didn't take so much of intrest in this matter,they shown that there are so many things which are beyond to ram-babri masjid case and that is peace and that is very important to maintain always.I appreciate and wish that peace will continue till we are alive.

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