Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nothing is defined in this world

we as a human being always follow the same path which is defined by someone or our
elders.From the childhood to young days we always copy the things like how to
comb,dress,talk and doing other things but never try to create the new example for the
society.In this world every single home has its own rule and regulation and being a family
member everyone has to follow it.To make the rule, discipline is not a bad idea but that
rule should have the flexibility and surrounding of freedom.Everyone should have freedom to
change the rule and regulation if he is able to modify the things in a better way beacuse,
that thing called creativity and there is no limit of craetivity.How well you represnt the
things infront of world is called creativity.The way the people get success in thier life
that path becomes their success path.But you can not say that, only this path will take you
to your destination.
Remember "A creative attitude is the fuel of progress and growth".

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