Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Little Difference

A little difference can make a great change in your life as well as others life also.
There was a man who used to go sea side daily in the morning and used to seat for sometime.One day he was walking on the side of the sea and saw a man on the other side of the sea, he was throwing something in to the water. He reach near to this person to check what he is throwing in to the sea water.He was surprised to see that man was throwing small fishes into sea water who had come out from sea due to water waves.When he looks around the side of the sea there were thousands of fishes at the side of sea water and they were going to die in some time.At last he asked to that person why you are throwing that small fishes in to the water because there are thousands of fishes are still left at the side of the sea and what difference it will be if you save some fishes from die. That gentleman replied politely see the sun is rising and sea waves will become silent in some time.So that I can't save the life of whole fishes and he suddenly bend down picks one fish and throws in to the water and said, but I made the difference in this fish life and only this things is very much satisfying me.

Like wise god has given us the ability that, with the little try we can make a little difference in someone's life.Here you have to identify yourself with which ability of yours you can help others, you can give something to your society, you can give something to this world.Overall, this little try can satisfy your innersoul also. Now a days it's very difficult to made a big change in anyone life but we can start from little difference.

Judge yourself you have that capability to made it possible.

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  1. "A very nice quotation for humans" everyone must try to make the difference and that difference will be valuable and will be praised also..